The Drive

Pack your vehicle and enjoy a fearsome drive down a dark and mysterious desert road through 9 distinct worlds :

Fear Fair

Fright Lane

The Haunted West

The Graveyard

Zombie Takeover

Death Alley

Moonlight Junkyard

The Horror Patch

Alien crossing

... including 3 gruesome alternate routes designed for mature audiences

witness intricate set pieces and activations from the 'safety' of your vehicle as the Halloween Night Drive locals haunt the grounds and your evening.

Did you spot the lost soul of Jenny?

snap a picture of her, follow @halloweennightdrive, upload to your social media page immediately and tag with #halloweennightdrive to help catch her and be rewarded with a free drive through at a later date!


The grounds are constantly morphing and shifting with more activations appearing and souls coming to visit... don't ever think you've seen it all!

$50.00 per vehicle (as many victims as your vehicle safely allows)

+ additional $25.00 for busses (charged at check-in)


ages 12+ recommended with parents' discretion

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